Newspapers breathe crisis, economically and politically. The Occupy movement takes a stand. Hard working citizens witness their money spent on things they would never choose. Financial institutions are sick, greed is prevalent and the disparity between rich and poor is growing.

Around about this period we, Frans van der Werf and Lot Brandt, begin to work on a piece that ultimately results in ‘t Bakhuisje. Living in a small village in Gaasterland, in the province of Friesland, these demanding newspaper headings seem surreal.

The ongoing vast activities in and around the villageĀ are like a soothing, oiled machine. It is then that we discover the beauty of neglected tools. The beautiful shapes, ergonomic simplicity, the history that is affixed to them. The soul.

We begin a collection run. It is aparent how giving and involved people are. Their curiosity grows. What will happen with our tools?

We construct a sculpture that reflects the soul of the tools, a tribute to the worker and at the same time an example of the time in which we live. A time that everyone holds on to their money tightly, we buy pure gold leaf. Because it stands for all that is beautiful and all that is bad.

Material: used and antique tools, steel, copper, gold leaf 24 carat.


Bakhuisje uit de collectie Nieuw Land van Lot Brandt Bakhuisje uit de collectie Nieuw Land van Lot Brandt