My hands in clay feels natural. This is how I grew up. Both my parents were ceramists. I give form to what I feel and see since my childhood: you can say that I could mould before I could walk.

Lot Brandt: mijn ouders waren beide keramist, foto van mijn moeder

my mother Miek

Lot Brandt: mijn ouders waren beide keramist, foto van mijn vader

my father Egbert

I love clay. It is pure and honest material. People used it centuries before me. When I see work created by long lost civilizations, sometimes thousands of years old, I feel connected and amazed…the tendency to tell your story through a hunk of clay is so ancient.

Egbert Brandt taught me to be a ceramist. From 1981 to 1985 I attended the evening academy in Utrecht; modern oil painting techniques, anatomy and portret drawing. The urge to transform experiences to ceramic forms, my creative energy, for me, it is innate. To listen to my passion and act upon it, to continuously evolve, are my own rewards.

It is beautiful and intense that my hands make that what I take in from the world around me and in me. Because I work from a space where words do not exist, it is difficult to find the right ones to accompany my work.

It is wonderful when someone comes by and identifies. While you do not know one another, it suddenly creates an intimate connection.
I once read; you are the connections that you make. This always remained with me. And in those moments I feel it is true.

Expositie Lot Brandt "Zaad"

Opening exhibit: ceramics by Lot Brandt with the theme ‘Seed’ and photography by Liesbeth Sluiter with theme ‘Biodiversity’ in gallery 10 by 10 owned by Bram van der Lycke and Cocky Loos

Exhibits since 1989 which include:

Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht
De Instee, Amersfoort
Atelier Visser, Antwerpen
Kunst langs de Vecht, Utrecht
Bij Den Dom, Utrecht
Ruimtela, Groningen
Slot Zeist, Zeist
Galerie 10 bij 10, Nieuwolda
Galerie 31, Amsterdam
Bergkerk, Deventer
Bogaart Art, Helmond
Kunstkwekerij, Wognum
Ahoy, Rotterdam
Sandwijck, De Bilt
‘t Pottebakkershús, Workum
Kunst achter Raam, Harlingen